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Rebell GmbH was founded in 1988 in Grünwald near Münich. The company quickly established itself successfully on the German and European market due to offering a quality calculators for reasonable prices.
Our goal is to offer the highest quality in accordance with German standards at the best possible price. This effort is reflected in all brand products Rebell.
An attempt to impose environmental standards in production were completed on 25th anniversary of the company. All products of Rebell brand, incl. packaging and instructions for use are now made from recycled materials.
Considerate approach to the environment and the use of recycled materials is not Rebell’s highest goal. Conversely. It is defined as the minimum requirement for production. The use of renewable raw materials such as bamboo, production of calculators without harmful batteries and replacing them with solar, water-based (100%) power supplies, the claims that are reflected in the range of brand Rebell.
As a manufacturer of calculators Rebell goes further and integrates valid DIN and ISO standards in the development of products for use in the home, office, or school.
Rebell brand products are intended for personal and professional use of products and are complemented by Fiamo brand that reflects the innovation and market trends and focuses on product development for science and education.
Products of Rebell and Fiamo brands are available in 27 European countries.